Collective Trauma Training

I began an in depth training with my teacher this Summer on the energetics of collective and intergenerational trauma healing. In this video I begin to clarify my thoughts and put the training into my own words. I also highlight my personal interest in the integration process, including visioning the role of the arts.

Before editing the original video there was a massive rally with white supremacists and opposition in Charlottesville, VA (Democracy Now Article on Charlottesville)). This movement (on either 'side') is to me a symptom of our collective shadow. I felt it imperative to also speak to this directly, within the context of the integration work. In the video I speak to my process in meeting the information and how I worked with it through my body.  In the process of editing, it became clear how charged this issue is for so many of us, including myself . My aim is to wake up to the layers of individual trauma as well as those of the whole, around the issue of racism and hate.  One step, then the next...

Igniting Presence