Odile Nicole Del Giudice

Mystic.  Artist.  Teacher. Catalyst.

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Mystic.  Ten years ago, after a period of inner turmoil, Odile listened to the tug of her Heart and left everything behind to explore, 'who am I, really?'.  After a period of serious Letting Go, Life graced her with a profound heart realization, whereby she began to know existence as pure Love, through the mystical heart.  This was to launch her dedication to Embodied Awakening: traversing and transmuting layers of the unconscious, coming into radical self-responsibility in service of Life, and opening into greater experience of Peace and Emptiness. 

Artist.  Odile has worked as a theatre maker, and multi-disciplinary artist for the last eighteen years. As she began to step into a new ground of Being through her journey, it became clear that she was to integrate her commitment to the path of the mystic into her artistic offerings.  Her explorations are now driven by her passion for Truth, Love and Human Evolution.  Through the merging of movement, ritual, story telling, and mystic science, Odile seeks to create powerful containers for alchemical transformation, ultimately leading to contact with our true, embodied nature.

Teacher.  After clearly meeting the voices of her Ancestors through dance, Odile was drawn to the Subbody Butoh School in the Himalayas. There she studied, performed, and began teaching under Rhizome Lee for most of 2010.  The following year she moved to New Orleans, and began to facilitate Butoh workshops along side Kundalini Yoga classes.  Recently, she has combined her experience in shadow integration with Butoh, creating the series: "Dancing with the Shadows".  Her current inspiration as teacher is in grounding divine essence through deeper layers of feeling awareness and embodiment.  Here she seeks to facilitate the expansion of human awareness beyond 'me' and into subtle layers of individual and collective reality. 

Catalyst.  Odile has said 'Yes' to the purification of everything that stands in the way of the full incarnation of her Being.  This has taken the form of a journey, rather than a destination.  Through her dedication, there is now a transmutation and integration of the mind/heart/body taking place. Her Life has become one of devotional service toward the Evolution of Human Consciousness.  Through the fire of Being and illuminating Presence, she is able to facilitate this alchemy in others.  For more information see the 'facilitation' work. 


In Gratitude...

In  2011, Odile began her study under the guidance of master teacher, Thomas Hübl (Academy of Inner Science), completing his most rigorous offering and continuing with studies into collective trauma integration.  She was humbled once again in 2014 when she found the second master teacher with full resonance through her system,  Aisha Salem (Woman in Truth).  These teachers continue to guide her back into the depths of herSelf, the only 'place' there is to search...