"Fallen from Grace"

... from the Great Above Inanna opened her Ears to the Great Below ...


Fallen from Grace (March 2013) is a performance ritual based on the Sumerian mythology of Inanna’s descent into the underworld (Babylonian Queen of Heaven and Earth).  Through the descent and ascent journey, we reclaim hidden characters in the subconscious (Subbody), bringing awareness and integration to the shadow through movement and ritual theatre.

Part 1:  Inanna’s Descent (excerpt video in slideshow below),

Part 2:  Ereshkigal: Queen of Underworld,

Part 3:  The Ascension.

Created by Odile Nicole Del Giudice, Soundscape by Ashley Beach, Video Projection by Justin Peake, Costume by Bear Hebert, Film by Bruce France, Flier by Monica Kelly Studios



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