You are on a path of sacred discovery.  Even when you sway, you know there is no turning back.

You know your Life takes your full response-ability and you would enjoy support in integrating.

You long to move from clarity and discern the voice of Truth in your own Being.

You feel there is a deeper Love and Joy available to you within yourSelf and in Relationships.

Your desire to embody your Soul's potential is ready to be satiated.




Practical Applications into your Daily Life through:

  • Transformational Mentoring
  • Energetic Support, Nourishment and Guidance
  • Listening and Aligning with your Core Essence
  • Deepening Somatic Awareness and Embodiment
  • Shadow Integration – This about freedom.  We will open into the digestion of the shadow (unconscious zones) in order to bring creativity, inspiration and vitality. This is not therapy, although we work through energy of the past, held in the physical and emotional body
  • Self Love and Personal Practice – Beyond concept, what is the dedication required to honor your Unique path.
  • Empowerment Readings– Stepping into clarity, moving with discernment, and supporting your innate wisdom.
  • Relationship, Polarity and Sexuality – What keeps Eros alive and thriving in your Relationships?  What aspects must be met in you to be open, alive and creative within your own Being and with another?
  • Project Facilitation– Do you have a project that you are birthing?  Feeling stuck or stagnant?  Feeling confusion or a loss of inspiration?  Together we will see what stands in the way in your manifestation process and support the purification.
  • Group and Ensemble Work-  Do you currently work in co-creation? Have you done a great deal of personal work, and are now wondering how your team can come together in higher levels of synergy and coherence? This may be the work for you.


Evolutionary Facilitation

Offering and Pricing


Single Session

-Shadow Integration


-Intuitive Guidance

-Vedic Astrology Reading and Coaching

-Continuing Previous Work


Ignite you Journey - 40 Days

Ancient Yogic teachings inform us that it takes 40 days to change a Habit. Gift yourself this time of transformation.

-4 Hour Sessions


-Home Practice

-Attuned to your Individual Needs



Ignite you Journey - 90 Days

Yogic Teachings apply a practice for 90 days to establish a new Habit.  Let's birth something New.

-6 Hour Sessions in Three Months

-Home Practice

-Attuned to your Needs

-Weekly E-mail Support


Ignite your Journey - 120 Days

According to the Ancient Yogis, in 120 days we begin the path of Mastery.  If you know you are here to lead the way for our individual and collective evolution, this is the invitation for you.

-8 Hour Sessions in 4 months

-Home Practice

-E-mail Support Throughout

-Messaging Support during periods of 'digestion' and shadow integration



Financial Aid & Individuated Packages Available