Igniting Presence


odile nicole del giudice

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Awaken Your Innate Wisdom

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An Invitation

YOU.  Your Soul.  Your Being. Your Presence - guides EVERYTHING we do. 

Allow yourself to drop into a field of deep support and nourishment for your path.

Get in tune.  Listen IN.  You were born to BE FREE



Core Alignment

Embodied Awareness

Shadow Integration

Relational Alchemy

Self Love

Intuitive Mentoring

Spiritual Practice

Sexual Intimacy

Creative Manifestation

Project Facilitation

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The Work Through Odile

As an artist and facilitator, Odile serves by creating incubators for alchemical transformation and sacred nourishment.  The intention moves as a moment to moment integration of blocks in the system, an opening up to the experience of our divine nature, and ultimately a dropping into deeper embodiment, as that Essence.

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