Terms and Conditions

Saying yes to this work is saying yes to your own development and transformation.  Through the work with Odile (Igniting Presence) you will be held with the utmost care and integrity.  However, the work is likely to trigger discomfort and many varied responses as it begins to shift aspects of your being.  This will require your full self responsibility, trust and willingness to see it through.

Refund Policy on Services

There is a no refund policy on all services provided.  Payments are received up front and the scheduling will depend on both parties.  It is highly recommended that any packages started be completed. 

Payment and deposits made on events are also non-refundable.  In case of family emergencies, attendance may be given to a third party.


Although healing happens through this work, we make no promises or guarantee.  This is not psychotherapy.  Please make full disclosure of any diagnosed history of mental illness.  You will be responsible for your own well being.

Further, we agree to hold our space with complete respect.  There is zero tolerance for inappropriate remarks, particularly the use of sexual language and/or advances.

Use of Content

All publications through Odile Nicole Del Giudice and Igniting Presence are copyrighted.  Unauthorized use or distribution of purchased material is prohibited.  Images, written material, video, etc. may be shared with credit to Odile Nicole Del Giudice and a direct link to the webpage: ignitingpresence.com

Written Correspondence

Any written correspondence may be use in testimonial or publications.  All names and dates are altered to protect all parties involved.  Any engagement in written communication with Odile (Igniting Presence) implies agreement with these conditions.